First responders & Veterans

You are the first at helping, first at being there, first at changing and saving lives - but often last in getting the chance to do your own healing. We know that depression, anxiety, and suicidality rates among first responders & veterans are constantly on the rise - at alarming rates. Additionally, the barriers to treatment seem to also grow.


For these reasons, we would like to offer our services to you with the following things in mind:

  • You may want to work through past experiences and you may not. Whatever the reasons, we know that current or former first responders and veterans often hesitate to seek therapy because they worry that a diagnosis will be attached to their file. For this reason we do not accept insurance, as it requires us to attach a diagnosis, and this allows therapy to be truly private, and separate from your medical record.*

  • We specialize in working with first responders and veterans and have done so for years. We know the language you speak and are prepared for the experiences you may want to discuss.

  • We are proud to work with you and feel strongly about the need to provide a private and strictly confidential avenue for you to discuss whatever you may need to work through, related to  your life of service - or not.

  • Your identity matters. Often, first responders and veterans can struggle with balancing life with work - into retirement. We are here to work through what's next.

  • We know that your work - what you see and experience - can alter your worldview and sometimes lead to burnout. We are here to either help you avoid burnout, or to reset your worldview in a way that feels more aligned.

*If you would like to submit your psychotherapy expenses to insurance for reimbursement we can provide information to you at that time.


If you'd like to talk - please make an appointment with Kristy Hauke LMSW - you can either book online or call us to schedule.


Take a look at our full website - get a feel for who we are and if you think we might be a good fit for you. 


You can always come in and meet us once, and then no hard feelings if it isn't a good fit. Checking for compatibility is a normal part of the process.

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