Full Circle Assessment

What is full circle assessment?



Many times when families reach out for assessment, they are thinking only of testing. In our philosophy - testing is only one part of a Full Circle Assessment. Testing at Magnolia Psychological includes a full child and family evaluation as well as complete testing. For example, if you feel your child may be experiencing ADHD symptoms - we will work with you to rule out learning difficulties/ disabilities and provide as full an understanding as possible of the way your child's brain works.



In addition to the quantitative testing and evaluation of you or your child - we consider school observations to be a key component of any assessment. Full Circle Assessment means we want to know how your child is fairing in all the domains of their life. Therefore we will work with you and the school/ team/ etc to set aside time for an in-person psychological observation to help us create a full understanding of the question at hand.


Therapy/ Social Skills Building

After we have a full picture of what may be happening with your child we can offer customized therapy and/or social skills or other appropriate group therapies. A Full Circle approach includes helping you to reach your goals once we know what your child is experiencing.



We know that your child exists at home, school, at activities/ sports, and within their community. We are happy to work with you in our Full Circle approach to attend IEP meetings, work with a family therapist, offer consultations to community with whom you interact - or help in any way we can to close the circle and ensure your child the best possible continuation of care and chances for success tailored to their abilities.

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