Frequently asked questions

How do I make an appointment?

You can either request an appointment online or call our office. ONLINE Simply click the 'request appointment' button and choose whom you would like to see and for which services. If you aren't sure which service/ provider fits your needs - just take a look at our practice areas and/or who we are. Once you know who you'd like to work with, just go ahead and book an appointment. It's that easy! We can't wait to meet you soon. OR CALL If you prefer - you can call 843.284.6389 to set up an initial (15 minute) free evaluation to establish what services we offer that may be a good fit for you. We will discuss your needs and together find a plan that works for you, either with our practice or in the community. All you have to do is leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP! We look forward to talking with you soon. Just reading through this website is a step towards feeling better + reaching your goals.

How much does it cost?

Please check rates for the services you think will fit your needs*: Per session rates - Therapists (Licensed, Masters level clinicians) New patient visit (60 - 90 minutes) - $150 (per case based on initial consultation) 50 minute therapy - $130 - $150 and per case as needed Parent/ Guardian Consultation (50 minutes) - $130 Per session rates - Psychologist Dr Donohoe New patient visit (50 minutes) - $200 (per case based on initial consultation) 50 minute therapy - $200 and per case as needed Consultation - $100/ 30 minute increments Per session rates - Family and Couples Therapy 60-75 minute session - $170 No show rates (canceled less than 24hrs before appt) 80% of session cost *Subject to change.

Do you take insurance?

All of us at Magnolia Psychological Services take your privacy very seriously. Therefore, at this time we do not take insurance for a variety of reasons including keeping your personal information private. We have found that insurance companies have begun asking more and more questions regarding specifics of therapy that we find to be intrusive. Additionally, insurance carriers generally require a diagnosis in order to approve treatment. Whether or not a diagnosis is appropriate, we have worked with a large number of patients who would prefer not have a diagnosis attached to their medical records. We want you to get the help and attention you deserve without losing ANY confidentiality. In fact, within our practice we keep patient files protected even from other therapists. If you have any questions about our privacy and confidentiality standards, we are happy to answer. Although we believe deeply in lowering the stigma of seeking therapy - we also know that privacy is often a concern. Why can't we let patients choose if they want to use insurance or not? It is not accepted by most insurance carriers to accept private pay from some patients and to utilize insurance reimbursement from others. For all of these reasons, we do not communicate directly with insurance providers. However, we understand the cost of therapy can be an unexpected and a very real expense. Therefore, you may be able to retrieve some of the expense through a possible reimbursement directly from your insurance carrier. POSSIBLE REIMBURSEMENT: At the end of each month we will issue a statement which you can choose to submit to your insurance for reimbursement of services*. Reimbursement percentages vary depending on insurance carrier. We are out-of-network for all carriers. Therefore the reimbursement rate is usually between 60-80% of the cost of therapy. *Life coaching is not likely to be reimbursed as no diagnosis is associated with this service. However, sometimes employers do help to offset this cost.

Where are you located?

We are in beautiful Mt Pleasant, South Carolina. In addition to in-person therapy offered by Dr Medina, we offer telehealth for your safety and convenience.